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Outpatient Mental Health Therapy

Outpatient Mental Health Therapy Services are provided to individuals and couples. We utilize a strengths-based approach along with a variety of clinical approaches depending on the individual's needs. "Failing Forward" is our motto. Every unfavorable situation one encounters has a valuable lesson attached and should never be viewed as a failed mission. By using visual aides, art, and hands on approaches, you will learn creative ways to cope.

Small Business Consultation

Consultation services includes assisting small business owners and/or their management staff in overcoming day to day barriers within their operations.  Our consultants will meet one-on-one to discuss issues and challenges and will work with you to develop a list of possible solutions to overcome these barriers.  We work to develop, address, and/or redesign clinical and management systems within your organization. Consulting services can be done as a one-time service or as on-going coaching and development. 

Staff Development Training

Is your team lacking motivation, skills, or talents that is hindering your business from thriving or operating at its full potential?  Let us help.  Our staff will work with you to address your training and/or staff development needs, provide you with the training material, assist with the delivery of the material, and/or facilitate training and workshops on identified topics. 

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